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9th Floor Restaurant - Patong - Thai Beef Salad - 300baht
9th Floor Restaurant - Patong - Lamb Shank - 800baht

A group of us, 14 in total booked at the 9th Floor in Patong for dinner one night; this was our first time here.  It was a bit of a shock going into the ground floor of the building, very shabby & dirty, the lift to the restaurant is small and dirty as well. The 9th Floor restaurant is on top of a block of very run down apartments!


The restaurant is a lot smaller than I expected with tables very close together and only a few of those tables have any views.  I sort of agree with some other comments I had read that there were so many staff, all girls in high heels and short black dresses and if you did not know better than you would not realize these prancing girls are the waitresses!

Anyway, our squashed up table of 14 started to order, we had so many girls taking orders but I honestly think they were all trying the impress a famous Thai actress who was in our group.  It was a shamble when we were leaving with them all lined up for autographs.

9th Floor Restaurant - Patong - This entree was very nice.
9th Floor Restaurant - Patong - Chicken Cordon Bleu - very average

I was expecting fine dining, well this place is not that, however some of our dishes were very nice and we enjoyed them, but they were expensive for such an establishment.


My entrée was a spicy Thai beef salad; which was delicious and cost 300baht.  My main was the Lamb Shank, 800baht, it was nice but I have had lamb shanks quite a few times in different restaurants in Phuket for a third of the price that were just as good.

Gary ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu, he said it was ok; we both had a laugh at the separate bowl of overcooked frozen chips that it came with.

9th Floor - Patong - Chocolate Brownie, hard, dry and burnt.
9th Floor - Patong - Complimentary Starter

For dessert, I ordered the chocolate brownie and I am sure on the menu it said with icecream, this was such a disappointment, it was a burnt dry brownie with some icing sugar on top.  Has to be the worst dessert I have ever had in Phuket.

I do not think we will bother going back again, for the price, the quality of food, the setting etc it was nothing special and there was no wow factor with the food, restaurant or location!

9th Floor Restaurant - Patong Beach - Delicious Meal
9th Floor Restaurant - Patong Beach
9th Floor Restaurant - Patong Beach - Average meal
9th Floor Restaurant - Patong Beach
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