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Abduls Roti Shop Thalang Road Old Phuket Town
Abdul's Roti Shop
Chicken Mussaman Curry - Delicious
Freshly made rotis to dip in the curry

Abduls Roti Shop is said to be one of Phuket’s oldest Muslim restaurants and it is still run by the descendants of the original families who opened it well over 60 years ago.


You are first served a bowl of spicy chicken Massaman curry then your perfect flaky roti is freshly made to dip into the delicious curry.

 We will be back to try their Murtabak next. You can find this fantastic little restaurant on Thalang Road in Phuket Old Town.

Thalang Road Phuket Town
The story of Roti's
Abduls Phuket Town
Abduls Roti Shop Thalang Road Old Phuket Town
Fantastic little restaurant
Thalang Road Phuket
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