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Big C Supermarket Phuket
Big C Supermarket Phuket
Buying vegemite in Phuket
Various milk products at Bic C Phuket
Big C Phuket

Jungceylon shopping centre in Patong is two buildings separated by a large court yard and Big C supermarket is in the second building and opens at 10am, one hour before all the other shops in the centre.


Big C also has a second floor where all the clothing, electrical and some household items are.


You will find a great range of imported goods here as well as all the normal goodies from home such as Weetbix, vegemite, Tim Tams etc. 

Assorted chocolates at Big C
Coffee at Big C Phuket
Lady Pies Big C Patong Beach
Assorted plugs and adaptors at Big C
Bottled water at Big C

There is an even bigger and better Big C Supercenter in Phuket Town on the Bypass Rd next to Phuket International Hospital.  There are plenty of other shops in this center as well as a good food court, bowling alley, restaurants etc, well worth a visit.

Any way this is really just a photo page to show you what the supermarket and prices are like.

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