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Breapont Restaurant Patong


Authentic Thai Food
Pad Thai - Phuket

We were so surprised at the quality and prices of meals at Breakpoint Restaurant in Patong. It was so good we now go back quite a few times each visit to Phuket.  The menu is huge and even the fussiest eater will find something to eat here. Their Thai food is not bland or toned down like many other places and serves are a decent size. 

Fried noodles with chicken 90baht
Breakpoit Restaurant - Prawn Toast
Pineapple fried rice
Squid Rings
Breakpoint Restaurant Patong Beach
Breakpoint Restaurant Patong Beach

From 6pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday all Cocktails are 90baht and they are strong, not watered down at all, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday a glass of wine is only 70baht and beers start from 50baht.

Singha Beer
Cocktails are 90baht on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

The staff are wonderful, very friendly and helpful, plus every visit the owner would come over and ask how everything was going and to see if we were enjoying our meals. This is fantastic and shows how much they want their customers to be happy.


We would class Breakpoint Restaurant as one of our favorites in Patong Beach and they are in Soi Tower which runs off the Beach Rd at the southern end of Patong Beach.

Restaurants Patong Beach
Breakpoint Restaurant Patong Beach
Breakpoint Restaurant Patong Beach
 Break Point Restaurant
 Break Point Restaurant
 Break Point Restaurant
Breakpoint Restaurant Phuket
Breakpoint - Pad Thai with Prawns 90baht about $4.50
Breakpoint Patong Beach
Breakpoint Restaurant Phuket
Breakpoint -  Fried Noodles with Chicken 70baht about $3.50
Breakpoint - Prawn Toast 130baht about $6.30
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