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Cherng Talay Markets
Delicious tender bbq pork Chengtalay Markets
Cherng Talay Markets
Salted Fish - Cherngtalay Markets Phuket
Cherng Talay Markets
Spicy Curries at Cherngtalay Markets

Cherngtalay markets are on Soi Bang Tao 2 which is the road that runs off the main Bang Tao road alongside Tesco Lotus.  These local markets are on 2 nights a week Mondays and Thursdays and start around 4pm. The rest of the time you will just see buffalo grazing around there.  


A lot of the stall holders are the same people from Phuket Weekend Markets so you will find plenty of fresh food and meats, clothing, jewelry, handmade products, delicious snacks and everything is very cheap.

Shopping at Cherngtalay Markets
Cherngtalay Markets
100 baht purses at Cherngtalay Markets
You can buy everything at these markets.
Beauty Products
Sunglasses 100baht a pair.

So if you hear there are no authentic markets in Phuket, do not believe it as these type of markets are scattered all over Phuket Island.

There are actually 3 local markets in this area but the one I am writing about is the biggest one and they are about a 15 to 20 minute drive from Patong depending on traffic.

Small donuts Cherngtalay Markets
Cherngtalay Markets Stick Food
Cherng Talay Markets
Making Cha Yen - Thai Iced Tea
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Cherng Talay Markets
Cherngtalay Markets Phuket
Freshly cooked duck, chickens and fish
Cherng Talay Markets
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