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Delicious marinated grilled pork chops on the bbq.
Sausages chicken skewers, pork chops at Don's BBQ.
My favorite comfort food, mash potato, vegetables and a pork chop.
Grilled dhicken breast skewers wth vegetables.

Every Saturday and Sunday night at 6pm there is a fantastic barbeque on Nanai Rd Patong at a place called Don’s BBQ. It is all you can eat for 299baht and there is a huge selection of meats such as delicious tender pork chops, spare ribs, sausages, chicken kebabs and sometimes even seafood and steaks.

So many choices of fresh vegetables.
More vegetables and there is even brussel sprouts.
Potato cooked 4 different ways chips, mash, potato salad and potate bake.
Sauces and mustards.
Every salad you can think of is at Don's BBQ.
All you can eat for 249baht.

As we stay in Phuket for many months sometimes we crave vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts and mash potato etc. We have found Dons is the best barbeque place we have ever been to in Phuket. There are plenty of fresh salads, vegetables and potato dishes such as mash, chips and potato bake. Their mash potato is perfect! There is also a Thai food section, fresh fruit platters and banana cake.

Nice selection of Thai food as well.
Thai food selection.
Thai Food section with curries and vegetables.

Don has really cornered the market with his BBQ nights and there is something here to please everyone. The meat is tender and cooked to perfection! Drinks are well priced with a Singha costing 70baht and spirits 100baht. The BBQ starts at 6pm and can get very busy with locals, expats and tourists, so arrive a bit earlier to make sure you get a table. Don’s BBQ is at the south end of Nanai Rd Patong in front of Makro.

Cooking time at Don's BBQ.
Friends and family.
Nanai Road Patong.
Dons BBQ in front of Makro on Nanai Rd Patong Beach.
Dons BBQ Patong Beach Phuket
Dons BBQ Patong Beach Phuket
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