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Surf and Turf - mouth watering fillet of steak with Phuket Rock Lobster - Sensational
Margherita Prawns - Horn Grill Steakhouse Kata Beach Phuket
Barbeque pork spare ribs - Horngrill Steakhouse
Atlantic Salmon with cucumber dill - the fish was excellent - Horn Grill Steakhouse Phuket
Horn Grill Steakhouse - Entree - Walnut Pesto Seafood Cakes - I loved this dish
Horn Grill Steakhouse Kata Beach Phuket - they only use beef from Australia

Whenever we feel like a steak in Phuket we will always go to Horn Grill Steak House. It was and still is the best steak we have ever had in Thailand, all the beef is imported from Australia and is always cooked to perfection. We have taken many friends and family here over the years and everyone has been impressed with the quality of food, excellent service and prices.

Quite a few chicken choices on the menu at Horn Grill Steakhouse
Sensational Angus Beef Scotch Eggs
Best steaks in Phuket at Horn Grill Steakhouse
Angus Beef Kebab - Horn Grill Steakhouse
Horn Grill Steakhouse Phuket - So many choices
T Bone Steak at Horn Grill Steakhouse

Horn Grill Steakhouse in Kata is separated into four different sections. There is a street level outside terrace, an inside Bistro area, a lovely Jazz dining room and our favorite, the outside patio area which looks very pretty at night with all the fairy lights.

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