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Mor Mudong Seafood Phuket
Mor Mudong Seafood feeaturred on Andrew Zimmermans Bizarre Foods

Andrew Zimmerman from Bizarre Foods had lunch at this very popular local’s restaurant which is set among the mangroves along Klong Mudong. This place is pretty big with many little open sided huts over the mangroves.


  The menu is extensive and the food is fantastic, most of the dishes are very spicy but there are some milder dishes on the menu.

White snapper & lemon grass.
Whole fish steamed in a salt crust at Mor Mudong

Our favorite dishes here would have to be the fish.  Mor Mudong is famous for its whole fish steamed in salt crust and the white snapper in lemon grass.  Both dishes are sensational!!


You will not see many tourists here at all and there is no problem taking your own bottle of wine or spirits.

Local Food in Phuket
Local authentic Thai food in Phuket
Mor Mudong Seafood Phuket
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Seafood Restaurants in Phuket
Seafood in Phuket

To drive to Mor Mudong go along Soi Palai past the Phuket Zoo, after about 100 meters you will see a lot of signs for other restaurants and a turn off to your left. 


Turn here and drive to the end, it will seem like you are in the middle of nowhere and you will see Mor Mudong Seafood Restaurant which is open every day except the 15th of the month.

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