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Delicious Indian Curries at Navrang Mahal Patong
Very tasty Naan Breads at Navrang Mahal Indian Restaurant
Indian Food in Phuket
North and South Indian Food Patong Beach
Navrang Mahal Indian Restaurant Patong

Navrang Mahal is a family run Indian Restaurant serving freshly prepared North and South Indian dishes in brass Katoris. Each time we have been here we have come away with mixed feelings as some of the food has been good and some a bit ordinary. We were a group of 8 on our most recent visit so we ordered many different dishes to share.

Yoghurt sauce - Navrang Mahal Indian Restaurant Patong
Authentic Indian Food Thailand
indian Restaurants Patong Beach

The samosas were delicious and all of the meals were very nice except for the Yoghurt Dip which had been watered down far too much and the Lamb Vindaloo which had absolutely no spice at all. We had asked for extra spice when we ordered this dish so it was very disappointing. However, like I have said the rest of the meals were very good.


Service can be a little bit slow and prices are on the high side. Navrang Mahal is in Soi Patong Tower which is off Bangla Rd.

Indian dishes Patong
Some of the dishes were delicious
Location Map for Navrang Mahal Patong Beach
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