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Cooking our dinner at the table, meat is spread over the top and vefetables in the stock at the bottom of the bbq.
Lots of meat choices which include, chicken, beef, pork.

Pak Lak Issan BBQ is a table top style BBQ where you cook all the food yourself. There is a huge amount of delicious fresh meats, seafood and vegetables to choose from and also a selection of cooked food such as chicken wings, French fries etc for those fussy eaters.These barbeques are a lot of fun and definitely worth going to. Watch out for some of those homemade sauces, they are extremely spicy.


Pak Lak Issan BBQ is on 50 Pee Rd, Nanai Patong.

Huge pots of various strength chilli sauces...
Large vat of chilli sauce.
Extremely hot chilli sauce.
Outside view of Pak Lak, looks like it woud seat a couple of hundred people.
This is the Thai stye bbq that you cook your meat and vegetables on.
Cathy standing in front of the restaurant sign, it is in Thai.

The easiest way to describe how to get there is heading north to south go past Don's BBQ on Nanai Rd then the next 7/11 you see turn left, drive up the steep hill for about 100 meters and you will see Pak Lak BBQ on your right. The price was 189baht each for the BBQ.

Not sure what some of these meats are, maybe things like stomache.
French fries nd deep fried chicken wings already cooked for the fussy eaters.
Lots of vegetables and marinated meats.
Thai desserts including jellies.
Not sure what these meats are, think I will stick to chicken.
Fresh fruits at Pak Lak Patong.
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