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Beautiful views of Patong Bay from Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant
Larb Moo Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant
Pan Yaah Restaurant Patong
Statues at Pan Yaah Restaurant
Seafood fried rice served in a fresh pineapple at Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant
Looking down at the ocean from the bottom level of Pan Yaah

Pan Yaah Thai restaurant is only a few minutes’ drive from Patong beach and the views from the restaurant are fantastic. We have been here for lunches and dinner and actually prefer it during the day as there are less people and the views are better.


The seafood rice served in a pineapple is delicious but the beef dishes are bit tough my beef in oyster sauce tasted like slices of beef jerky. They also make a delicious Tom Yum and Tom Kha Gai soup.

Larb Moo at Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant Patong Beach
Downstairs at Pan Yaah Thai Restaurant Patong
Beef in oyster sauce, the beef was like rubber at Pan Yaah

Pan Yaah is totally different at night, we sat downstairs which we preferred as it is not so crowded and the views are just as good as upstairs, you can only see so much when it is dark.


So if you’re looking for somewhere with views of Patong Bay that are as good as Baan Rim Pa but not the expensive price tag then Pan Yaah is the place to go.

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