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Paradise Viewpoint terrible massaman curry
Chicken in curry sauce - extremely bland.
Tempura Prawns - Paradise Viewpoint Phuket

Well what can I say about Paradise Viewpoint Restaurant except that we were told by a few people not to bother going there as the food was terrible. I do not believe everything I hear and like to make my own mind up, but sad to say they were right.


The location is lovely perched on the cliff just past Kalim on the way to Kamala. We went there for lunch and as soon as we walked in we were recommended to try the fresh fish by the waitress. We sat down and asked for a menu, and then another person came over and advised us to have fish.  We were not interested in ordering any seafood etc. so ordered a beef massaman curry, chicken in curry sauce, tempura prawns and drinks.

Lovely Views from Paradise Viewpoint Patong
Paradise Viewpoint Restaurant
 Paradise Viewpoint Patong Phuket
 Paradise Viewpoint
 Paradise Viewpoint
 Paradise Viewpoint

Straight away I am off to a bad start, my Cha Yen (Thai ice tea with milk) was shocking, it was like no other Cha Yen I have had before and believe me I have had thousands. Paradise Viewpoint also have my vote for the worst ever Beef Massaman curry, it had about 6 tiny paper thin slices of beef and was extremely watery with absolutely no taste.


Gary’s Chicken in curry sauce was ordered very spicy, it was a tiny serve with no spice at all, extremely bland. Lucky for us the Tempura prawns were edible. Their basic Thai meals are quite expensive with our bill being 690baht for the 3 dishes, 1 small Singha and 1 Cha Yen.


We were so disappointed with the food and will definitely not be going back.

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