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Sunday Walking Street Markets Old Phuket Town - Delicious Curries
Cheap food at the Sunday Walking Street Markets on Thalang Road
Time for a Frappe

Phuket’s Sunday Walking Street Market also known as Lard Yai is open every Sunday from 4pm along Thalang Rd in Old Phuket Town.


Vendors set up along the length of the road and it is the perfect place to try cheap local foods and buy some unique locally made souvenirs.

Shopping at Phukets Walking Street Markets
Phuket Markets
Phuket Sino Portugese Buildings
Drink time at the Walking Street Markets
Traditional Thai Sweets
Delicious fresh street food

There are local artists and performers and the whole street has a lively happy feeling. You will also not find any copy rubbish here as it is banned. Thalang Road is also one of the first streets in Phuket Old Town to bury their electricity cables underground, making it a very pretty area to wander around.


There are some famous places to eat on Thalang Rd, pop into Abduls for authentic roti with curry sauce, have coffee at one of the old Kopitiams or ice cream at Torry’s.  Whatever you do this area is a great place to have a wander around. 


Please note there is no smoking or alcohol while walking around, however there are a few street restaurants where it is allowed.

Car Displays at the Walking Street Markets
Car Displays at the Walking Street Markets
Drink time at the markets
Food is so cheap at the markets
Sunday Walking Street Markets

On Thalang Road you will also find Phuket’s very first grocery store that opened over 60 years ago and it is still open today, it is called Sin & Lee and they use to have a huge selection of spices and supplies for restaurants and hotels.


Now due to major supermarkets they mainly sell books and a few odds and ends.

So as you can see the Sunday Walking Street Markets in Old Phuket Town are definitely worth a visit.

Mushrooms at the markets
Shopping at the Phuket Markets
Thalang Road Phuket Town
Old Phuket Town
Assorted curries at the Phuket Markets
Walking Street Markets Phuket
Phuket Walking Street Market
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