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Fresh food at Phuket Weekend Markets.
Cheap food at Phuket Weekend Markets.
Local food at the markets.
Deep fried potato on a stick at the markets

The Phuket Weekend Markets are called a few different names such as Naka Markets, Chao Fah Variety, Jatujak or Talad Tai Rot or the Weekend Markets. They are located just off Chaofa West Rd opposite Wat Nakha which is about a 20 minute drive from Patong Beach.

Freshly made deep fried fish cakes.
Thai sweets called Khanom Buang Thai.
Phuket Weekend Markets
 Khanom Buang Thai.

These markets are now Phuket's biggest weekend markets and you can buy everything here, fresh foods, clothes, pets, accessories, home decorations, second hand items and there are lots of delicious food stalls.

Make sure you try my favourite Thai sweet treat, it is called Khanom Buang Thai, the word Thai is used to differentiate them from the bigger savoury ones. They are like a tiny crispy pancake made from rice flour with a thick coconut cream topped with grated coloured coconut and are only 2 baht each. 


Savoury ones can be topped with small prawns, egg, pork etc.

Shopping at Phuket Weekend Markets
Phuket Night Markets
Deep fried potato on a stick - delicious.
Food is so cheap at the Weekend Markets.
Freshly made fish cakes at Phuket Weekend Markets.
Better than KFC - Chicken pieces.

For us the best part about the Phuket Weekend Markets is the fantastic choice of freshly cooked foods.  It is so cheap and we have never had a problem eating from the stalls.  


It is a must do if you are there over a weekend, there are hundreds of stalls selling all the normal market type shopping plus second hand goods and very cheap clothes and shoes.

The markets start setting up around 4pm and close about 11pm but only on Saturday and Sundays.

Deep fried crickets and bugs at Phuket Weekend Markets.
Deep fried insects.
Phuket Weekend Markets
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