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Hor Mok Fish
Chicken and vegetables
Somtam - Spicy coconut salad
Fish in coconut milk and spices

Thalaytong Seafood is a very popular restaurant with locals so that says a lot and the food is sensational.  Some of my favourites here are Somtam - coconut spicy salad, this is a bit different to the normal Somtam but it really is delicious. Their Soft-Shell Crab is also up there with the best I have had in Phuket. 

Shrimp with asparagus
Thalaytong Seafood - Fresh crabs
Soft shell crab
Thalaytong Seafood
Shrimp Cakes
Seafood fried rice - Thalaytong Seafood

Another fantastic dish to order is Hoh Mok fish, it is so good and very spicy!!  Excellent place if you want to eat delicious authentic food.


Thalaytong Seafood is on the east side of Phuket Island down a very small street which runs off Highway 402; it is approximately 2 km from the bypass road turn off towards Phuket city.

Thalaytong Seafood Restaurant
Thalaytong Seafood Restaurant
Thalaytong Seafood Restaurant
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