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Phang Nga 3 Hour ATV Tour
Atv riding through rivers in Phang Nga Thailand
Amazing staff at ATV Phuket
ATV Tours in Phuket and Phang Nga

The Phang Nga 3 hour ATV tour is one of our all time favorite tours, we have been doing this tour for 10 years at least twice every time we visit Phuket. The tour is held off Phuket Island in Phang Nga province, ample food, water and soft drinks plus transfers are included and the scenery is spectacular.

Lots of mud on the ATV Tour
Waterfalls in Phang Nga
One of the top tours in Phuket
Beautiful Phang Nga

You will ride on off road trails past local farms, plantations, through jungle and remote villages. You also ride down a section of the river and it just keeps getting better as in the middle of nowhere is a beautiful waterfall where we stop for swimming and drinks.


So don’t forget to wear swimmers and bring a towel.

Rain or shine anytime is good for an ATV tour.
Anther fun day out with the boys from ATV Phuket
ATV Phuket
Working elephants at Phang Nga

Safety is big with ATV Phuket, the guides are all trained in first aid and if they do not think you are proficient enough to be a rider once you have done a few laps of the safety track they will not let you ride and put you on the back with a guide.


Once the tour is over it is back to the ATV camp for drinks and sandwiches.  It is also a good idea to bring along a change of clothes.  There are secure lockers at the Atv Park for storage.

3 Hour ATV Tour Phang Nga.
Icy cold water at the waterfall
3 Hour ATV Tour Phang Nga.
3 Hour ATV Tour Phang Nga.
Time for a swim at the waterfall in Phang Nga
3 Hour ATV Tour Phang Nga.

I cannot recommend the company ATV Phuket strongly enough, all the guides are extremely experienced, trained in safety and first aid and very professional.


This is such a fun filled tour with magnificent sights along the way, the photos tell the story.


ATV Phuket Website

Fun in Phang Nga
3 Hour ATV Tour Phang Nga.
Fantastic guides
Riding down the river with ATV Phuket
All ages love the Atv tour
ATV Phuket
Atv ride through the river in Phang Nga
ATV Phuket
Atv tour throgh the mountains in Phang Nga Thailand
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