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Statue of nude lady sitting in the garden with tree growing over her.
Beautiful spirit house set into the gardens.
Ceramic pieces and lights in one of the gardens.
Old wooden table and chairs set with pottery dishes.
Ceramic nude plump woman standing among the plants and lanterns.
Water feature inside the restaurant with lights, plants and a small boat.

Ceramic Kitchen is set in a huge building that is full of surprises. Once inside you are in a beautiful garden style setting with water features, fish ponds, lovely chunky wood furniture, colorful ceramic pieces and clay statues.

This place is very quirky, all of the ceramics are for sale and there is a shop at the back with reasonable prices.

My lamb shank served in a lovely beige colored pottery dish.
Chicken satays served on a pale blue triangle shaped dish.
Another beautiful pottery plate.
Pad Thai served on a 2 level multi colored pottery plate.
Time for some Pate, looks so colorful with fresh green salad and golden brown toast.
Every plate is different, this curry is in a brown and white spotted bowl which sits on another plate with a handle.

You are spoilt for choice here as there are two huge menus, one Thai and one European and prices are extremely reasonable. Ceramic Kitchen is very popular with Thai people and is fantastic for parties or groups, there is a 2 piece band playing every night who enjoy people singing along with them or having a go at Karaoke.

Time for homemade apple pie with custard and fresh cream topped with a strawbery.
Everywhere you look there are statues, this elephant is beautiful.
Huge blue nd green pottery dish with various cakes and slices.
Massive plower pot in the shape of a coffee cup.
Nice presentation of a chocolate brownie, fresh cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce served on a white dish.
The bar at Ceramic Kitchen.

Our last visit to Ceramic Kitchen was not a good experience, 2 Duck dishes were ordered, one was good, the other was totally raw.

 I ordered a Smoked Salmon Grilled Pizzetta, they bought out a Salmon Salad, when I told them it was wrong they said this is what you ordered.  I then showed them the item in the menu. A few minutes later they bought out my dinner and it was clear to everyone that the salad they had taken away had just been tipped onto the Pizza base.

Needless to say I did not eat it nor pay for it.


Two friends also ordered the Smoked Pork Knuckle and said it was very fatty, not much meat and inedible crackling so it was a very disappointing experience for quite a few of our group.

Raw Duck Dish - Ceramic Kitchen
Smoked Salmon Salad on top of Pizzetta - Horrible - Ceramic Kitchen
Pork Knuckle - both people who ordered this said it was terrible - Ceramic Kitchen

Due to this we did not go back to Ceramic Kitchen for many months, so now it is time to try again. so, the same 6 of us went back and we were all happy to say our meals were delicious, however service is still very hit and miss.


If only they could train their staff a bit better, but they seem more interested in talking and playing on their phones. 


Ceramic Kitchen Bar and Restaurant is about a half hour drive from Patong Beach on Srisoonthorn Rd Thalang not far from Laguna heading towards the Heroines Monument.

Delicious Meals at Ceramic Kitchen
Delicious Meals at Ceramic Kitchen
Fantastic meals
Ceramic Kitchen
Perfect Chips
Ceramic Kitchen Steak Sandwich
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