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Coffee Club Phuket - very expensive
Coffee Club Patong - terrible breakast

Coffee Club Patong Beach would have to be the most expensive place we have ever had breakfast in Phuket.  It would not have been so bad if the food was good, but it was below average. 


We sat outside, and someone came out very quickly with the menus, then it seemed to take forever for them to come back to take our order and it was not busy at all.

Our breakfast here was 2 x Cha Yen which is Thai Ice Tea, 2 x Eggs Benedict and 1 small water, the bill total was 1005baht which is about $40.50. 


The Eggs Benedict with spinach and mushrooms was terrible, the eggs are on a soggy mushroom not a muffin so there is nothing at all to soak up the egg yolk and the Eggs Benedict with salmon was over cooked with cold salmon. So, it most definitely was not worth 1005baht or $40.50

Coffee Club Patong Beach
Coffee Club Patong Beach
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