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Delicious duck with very spicy dipping sauce at Crok Tong Restaurant Patong Beach
Stir fried vegetables - Crok Tong
Fantastic Lemon Grass Fish Cakes
Authentic Thai Food at Crok Tong Issan Restaurant
Authentic Thai Food at Crok Tong Issan Restaurant
The spicy home made sauces here are fantastic :)

Crok Tong Issan Restaurant in Patong is owned by our good friend Bee and is on Soi Klong Bang Wat which runs off Prabaramee Rd in Patong.


The food here is all Issan and this restaurant is very popular with the locals due to the authentic tasty food, friendly service, prices and their spicy chili sauces which are all home made. 

Bee is the owner of the restaurant.
The best ever Somtam is at Crok Tong Issan Restaurant Patong Beach
Making Somtam - everything is fresh at Crok Tong

Most meals are around 100baht, Leo is 50baht a bottle and Singha 60baht. There are no wine or spirits for sale here but you can take your own. If you are there at the right time of year you might also be lucky to have a taste of some very expensive Bee Larvae! 

Crok Tong Restaurant Patong
Crok Tong Restaurant Patong
Very popuar with the locals

Make sure you try the Pepper Prawns dish, it is sensational and the sauce with the duck would have to be the hottest sauce I have ever had.  The food here is not toned down for tourists, so if you are after some authentic Issan food then Crok Tong is the place to go. The restaurant opens at 6pm and closes anytime up to 4am.

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