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Boneless chicken wings Hooters
They make a good Mojito at Hooters
Takeaway from Hooters.

Now Hooters is not somewhere we would normally visit, but one day while our car was at the car wash and everything else was closed due to it being Mother’s Day we needed to waste an hour so went over to Hooters for lunch.  I must say the boneless chicken wings were delicious and they are huge. 

We did go back a couple of times with friends over the next few months.  Yes, it is expensive but it is a fun place to visit and perfectly safe to take children there. Service is very quick, the girls are friendly and about every half hour everything stops and they start dancing.  Quite funny!

I also tried the Texas Melt, never again, very bland; I did not enjoy it at all.  But the boneless chicken wings, I would go back just for them. They also make a very good mojito.

Boneless chicken wings with ranch style dressing.
Hooters Patong Beach
Hooters Patong Beach
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