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John Grays Hongs By Starlight - Loy Kratongs
John Grays Hongs By Starlight

We had been on Sea Canoe tours 3 times before on previous trips to Phuket with various companies (which we enjoyed) but this was to be our first time with John Gray Tours.

 Pick up for the John Gray Starlight tour was at 12.30pm.  Lunch as well as a delicious seafood dinner is included and the first thing we noticed compared to some other company’s tours was the emphasis placed on safety, we were very impressed with this.

John Gray Starlight Tour
John Gray Starlight Tour
John Gray Starlight Tour

It takes about an hour to get to the bay, where you spend the afternoon eating, exploring caves and hongs, swimming and paddling by yourself (only if you want to).

My sister and I loved the paddle by ourselves, we went out to a little deserted beach, had a swim and felt like we were the only people in the world. After relaxing at your own leisure, it's time to watch a spectacular sunset, feast on a sumptuous Thai Buffet and make Loy Kratong's with your guide. 

Going into a Hong - bit squashy
Canoeing into the hongs

Once the Kratong’s are made it's time to return to a previously visited Hong, make a wish and release them.  There's no talking, no torches and it’s all very eerie but beautiful.

I could go on forever about the John Gray Starlight Tour, we highly recommend this tour, it's suitable for all age groups and there's no hard work paddling, your guide does it all for you. These guides are great, very friendly, highly trained in cave kayaking, natural history, lifesaving, first aid and CPR.

John Gray 'Hongs by Starlight', is a fantastic tour with spectacular scenery, you will see things you have never seen before. For current prices, schedules, etc check out John's Gray’s website.

John Grays Hongs By Starlight - Beautiful Sunset
John Grays Hongs By Starlight - Beautiful Sunset
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