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Old style barbers chair on display.
Bacon toasted sandwich made with home made bread. Delicious.
The bar at Joy's Cafe is all teak, small but nice.
Crab salad, all the meals here are very reasonably priced.

Joy’s Cafe has been around for many years and has built up a good reputation among locals and tourists with their home style cooking and friendly staff. It is the sort of place where once you have been there, you will keep going back. Their meals are excellent, cheap and huge serves.

Looking through the open windows to the green plants outside.
My favorite sandwich, tuna and salad on fresh home made bread.
Old diving helmet on display at Joy's Cafe.
Very tender spare ribs.

 I love the breakfasts here, eggs are always cooked perfectly and the toast is nice and thick - they also bake all their own bread! Joy's Cafe also make the best icy cold milkshakes in Phuket. Joys Café is our favorite place when we just feel like a toasted sandwich. The cafe also has a pool table, guestrooms and a computer room. Joy's Cafe is on Hat Patong Rd; the same road the Nap hotel is opposite Andaman Embrace.

Map showing directions to Joy's Cafe.
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