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Kru Suwit - Floating restaurant in Phuket
Kru Suwit - Floating restaurant in Phuket - fresh seafood

Kru Suwit is a floating restaurant close to Koh Maphrao (Coconut Island) and is only a few minutes from Phuket Island by free long tail boat. This place is fantastic, the food is fresh, serves are big, prices are reasonable and everything is so fresh.


We really enjoy the floating restaurants, it’s a lovely way to spend a few hours eating good food, the views are great and it is very different.

Delicious prawns at Kru Suwit Floating Restaurant.
Delicious fresh deep fried fish - Kru Suwit Phuket
Floating Restaurants in Phuket Thailand
Fresh seafood at Kru Suwit Seafood Restaurant Phuket
Delicious fried rice - Kru Suwit Floating Restaurants Phuket
Assorted Thai Dishes at Kru Suwit Floating Restaurant Phuket
Choose your own fresh seafood at Kru Suwit Phuket
Fish Cakes Kru Suwit Floating Restaurant Phuket
Seafood at Kru Suwit Phuket

Traveling to the floating restaurants is easy, go to Laem Hin Port (off Thep Krasattri Road); it is marked on all the maps.  Just before the Laem Hin Seafood Restaurant you will see a small dirt road on the right marked Private Rd, go down there and you will see the long tail boats, just catch one over to the floating restaurants, these transfers are provided free by the restaurants.

Ocean views from Kru Suwit Restaurant Phuket
Views from Kru Suwit Restaurant Phuket
Seafood Restaurants in Phuket Thailand
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