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Lovely reception area
Beautiful pool area...

We booked 4 nights at the Golden Tulip Mangosteen Resort during low season through an internet site, it was a mystery deal for a Deluxe Jacuzzi 74 square metre room for $50 a night. So considering for the same time this room is over $300 a night it was a great deal.

Having said that I am glad we did not pay any more as we were disappointed in the condition of the property and the room, it did not seem like a 5-star property. The furniture is very dated, the tacky coffee table in our room was badly scratched, the lounge is shocking, rock hard, watch if you sit at the end and lean against the side cushion, there is no outside frame supporting it, very easy to fall to the side.

Deluxe Jacuzzi room
Comfortable bed but terrible lounge

When I opened wardrobe door the handle fell off in my hand, now I do not believe this is the first time this had ever happened as it was extremely loose, but easily fixed by swapping the handles around which we did. The thatched roof of our veranda area needed replacing, there were holes in it, when it rained we had to move the chairs as water came pouring through!


Why is there no soap dish in the shower, something so simple? The shampoo and conditioner containers are chipped and stained, not something I would expect to find in a quality resort. However, the products were of good quality, very nice to use.

Nice big bathroom...
Spa room in the deluxe rooms
The soap dishes need replacing.
The chair outside did not seem right
There is a nail poking through the side of the chair!
Long rusty nail in the side of the chair

One of the outside chairs had a funny lean to it, I felt like I was sitting on an angle so took the cushion off and it was broken underneath, there was a rusty nail poking through, so the right hand side of the seat was not connected properly to the base. Could have been quite nasty if it had collapsed as the nail was level with the top of my leg! At checkout no one was interested in helping taking our bags down the hill to the car.


It is a mixture of all these little things and they are easily fixed that make a resort stand out from the others. Maybe we have been spoiled at other resorts, but they are the ones that make us want to go back.

Could be such a lovely place
Statues in the gardens
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