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Number 6 Restaurant - Up the Hill - Patong Beach
Number 6 Restaurant - Up the Hill - Patong Beach

If you go to Number 6 restaurant on Rat-u-Thit Road just north of Bangla Rd in Patong they will transfer you for free to their second Number 6 restaurant which is up a small hill in Patong. 


The restaurant is nice with lots of room and lovely views; no matter how hot it is up here it will always be cool with all the greenery around you.

Number 6 Restaurant
Number 6 Restaurant

The food was nice but nothing to rave about, and some of our meals were a bit disappointing, they were toned down for tourists. All the dishes were ordered by our Thai friends, including dishes that are not on the menu.

I was expecting the spiciest fish curry but it was very mild, hardly any spice at all.

Number 6 Restaurant
Number 6 Restaurant - Salty Pancakes

Our pancakes and ice-cream would be the worst I have ever had; first of all they forgot we had ordered them, eventually when they did turn up the pancakes tasted as though a container of salt had been poured into them.

Will I go back there, not sure, if I compare them to Tunk Ka Café for great Thai food then Number 6 is not in the same league. But we might give them another try next trip.

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