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Escalope with green pepper sauce and fried pototoes at Number 9
Pork steaks in green pepper sauce with fried potatoes 250baht

Number 9 restaurant is still up there among our favourite restaurants in the Patong area and they now have another restaurant called Number 9 - 2nd restaurant. 


They are both on Prabaramee Rd opposite the Patong Paragon Resort & Spa. If you walk along the beachfront heading north turn right at the Dolphin roundabout and you will see the first Number 9 on your right and the 2nd one about 20 meters further on.

Cordon Bleu with green pepper sauce.
Delicious European meals at Number 9 restaurant Patong Beach.
Number 9 Restaurant Patong Beach
Crepes, ice cream, chocolate sauce and fresh cream - 100baht - my favorite dessert.
Pork with bacon, onions, mushrooms and fried potatoes.
Cordon Bleu with chips and salad 250baht at Number 9

These restaurants are very well priced compared to others in Patong Beach and the perfect place to take fussy eaters.  The menu is Thai and European with something to suit everyone. We have enjoyed every meal we have had there over the years, prices are good, drinks are icy cold and the staff are wonderful.

Try their crepes and ice-cream, it’s delicious, the crepe is wrapped like a bow with ice-cream in the middle and lashings of chocolate sauce and whipped cream, all for 100 baht!

Mouth watering desserts at Number 9
Ice cream sundae at Number 9
Crepes ad ice cream

Thai meals range from 100 - 125baht and European meals up to 250baht, a beer will cost you 70baht and spirits with mix 90baht.


Number 9 restaurants now have quite a following so if you arrive around 7pm be prepared to wait for a table, but it will be worth it.

Thai food at Number 9 Restaurant Patong
Mussaman Curry with rice
Number 9 Restaurant Patong Beach Phuket
Deep fried onion rings at Number 9
Chicken with garlic and pepper - Number 9
Vegetable spring rolls.
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