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P&C Jewelry Rumchai Rd Patong Beach
P&C Jewelry Patong Beach

We have been to P&C Jewelry Patong Beach a few times over the years, but it was for minor things such as repairs etc. Then I decided it was time to have my Wedding, Engagement and Eternity rings checked and repaired but was shocked at the prices in Australia. 


I had 3 quotes which ranged from $2,000 - $3,000 and this was to have them repaired with new settings, and a little bit more gold in 2 of the bands etc.  I thought it really was not worth doing as the rings are 40 years old and so old fashioned looking now.

So, I called in to P&C Jewelry for a price to repair and a price to have the rings melted down and made into one big solid ring.  I cannot remember the exact price to have a new one made but think it was around 22,000baht (AU$900) this was with a few extra small diamonds as well.  I was so happy with the result, a beautiful 18carat gold heavy 15gram ring.

The new ring I had made from my old rings
My old rings about to be melted down and made into a new ring
The new ring I had made from my old rings

It was not until I had been wearing the new ring for 6 months that I realized there was a big problem which was nobody’s fault at all.  The ring was so wide and the shape I chose did not allow water to escape or air to circulate underneath the ring, I wear the ring 24 hours a day, do dishes with it on, swimming, shower etc.  So eventually all my skin started badly peeling underneath the ring.  So, no problem looks like I will have to start taking the ring off. 


Anyway, we are back in Phuket again a few months later and off I go to P&C Jewelry with a friend who wanted to look at some jewelry.  While she is talking I see a beautiful big gold and diamond ring which I absolutely love, the price tag said 77,000baht which was about AU$3000 and it was 14 carat gold. 


I mentioned to Sea the problems I was having with the new ring and she said why don’t you have this ring that you love made using your gold and diamonds. 

A plan was born, I had 15 grams of gold but not enough diamonds so a price with buying extra diamonds was discussed.  Wow I could have this magnificent ring made in 18carat gold for 27,000baht that would still be my original rings and I would no longer have the problems of water being trapped underneath. 

I thought about it for a couple of months then decided it was the right thing to do as taking off the other ring every time I put my hands in water was a big risk and the chances of forgetting them were high.

My new ring really exceeded my expectations and took about 7 days to make and I am so happy with it, it is still a big heavy ring as all my gold was used plus my original diamonds are set in the ring along with a few new big ones.


I have nothing but good things to say about P&C Jewelry, Charlie, his daughters Jane and Sea are very knowledgeable, they have so many great ideas and all of them are pleasant to deal with and extremely honest.

Love my new ring that was made by P&C Jewelery
Made by P&C Jewelery
Made by P&C Jewelery
 P&C Jewelery

The rings in the photos below are a very old wedding ring that belonged to my friend’s mother, her daughter was getting married and she wanted the ring melted down and made into something more suitable as a treasured memory to give her the morning of the wedding. My friend had a picture of the ring she wanted made and the result was perfect, more gold and diamonds had to be bought and the total price was AU$600 for a beautiful ring full of memories.

It was also our friend’s birthday so of course a surprise present from her husband was bought at P&C Jewelry and turned up in her dessert at Santorini Restaurant on Koh Phangan, a beautiful 18ct platinum gold and diamond ring which cost $600.


P&C Jewelry Patong Beach are near the corner of Rumchai Rd and Beach Rd just past the Swissotel and Irish Pub.

Very old wedding ring about to be melted down
White Gold and Diamond Ring $600 - P&C Jewelery
Ring made by P&C Jewelers
White Gold and Diamond Ring $600 - P&C Jewelery
Charlie and his daughter Sea at P&C Jewelery
Shopping - P&C Jewelery
Sisters - Jane and Sea - P&C Jewelery Patong Beach

The rings in the photos below also belong to a friend, she took her mothers engagement and eternity rings to P&C Jewelery to be remade into something special she would wear that was full of memories. 


The result is a beautiful 9ct white gold, diamond and sapphire ring. P&C supplied the white gold, 2 small diamonds and 2 of the small sapphires. The platinum from the original rings and 2 tiny rubies which were not used were given back. 


The cost for everything was only $700 and what a beautiful result it is.

Original Engagement Ring
Original Eternity Ring
Remade Ring
Remade Ring
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