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Parasailing Patong Beach
Parasailing Patong Beach

My brother in law wanted to try parasailing so off we went to Patong beach. The price was dropped down a few hundred baht from the listed price, so once this was paid he was trussed up like a chicken in the safety harness and attached to the parachute.

Then the guys told him there was not enough wind so he would not have the little guy with him who steers and they would also have to land him in the ocean as the tide was in.

 They explained to him how to take off.
 Keep Running Towards Water As Boat Takes Off.
Sounds easy hey, well this is what it looked like.

Nearly Ready - Parasailing
Run as fast as you can into the water :)
Get Ready To Run - Parasailing
Brett slams into the water face first :)

Brett is running for his life, he hits the water face first and has now turned into a human body board, bouncing across the waves. Finally, after body surfing face first for about 20 feet we have lift off.

Yaay we have lift off - Parasailing
The wind has dropped - Parasailing
Are you having fun yet - Parasailing
Brett is falling like a ton of bricks - Parasailing

Up he goes!!!!
Out into the wide blue yonder.
But the wind drops again and the boat has turned back towards land.

But where is Brett?

We see something moving much faster than the boat heading towards the ocean. Then we realize it's Brett coming down like a ton of bricks.


He lands about 500metres out and the boat heads over to pick him up.

This experience only lasted a few minutes, he enjoyed most of it except for the take-off and landing and floundering about in the ocean with a huge parachute around his head.

Brett is rescued - Parasailing
It was fun watching you :)

Anyway, we took some good photos of him and Brett's parasailing episode made us laugh!
Though after watching what happened, there is no way you will ever get me up there!!

 Brett and Angie's daughter Melanie also had a go at parasailing a couple of years later and she loved the very short ride!

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