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Atv Phuket - 2 Hour Phuket Tour
Atv Phuket - 2 Hour Phuket Tour

This 2 hour ATV tour is good if you do not have time to do the Phang Nga 3 hour tour.  You can do a morning or afternoon tour and both times we chose the afternoon tour. We were picked up from our hotel at 11.00am and driven to the Phuket TV camp on the other side of the island.


Once there we were given cold drinks and assorted fruits then an introduction to ATV tours. This covered safety, how to ride the bikes etc then we were kitted up in helmets and gloves.

The first half of the tour is the same as the one hour tour, for just over an hour we burned up gravel trails, mud and water trails, jungle trails, up hills, down hills and beach trails. Then it’s back to the start for more icy cold drinks and fruit before the second half of the tour.

Lots of mud areas in the 2 hour Atv tour
Lots of mud areas in the 2 hour Atv tour

Well, the next stage was very different, tiny tracks through thick jungle, our lead guide, with a big stick was brushing away huge cobwebs and spiders that were hanging across the track.

We found out later that this advanced track had not been used for a while, but they thought we could handle it. There were steep hills with inclines, another part I remember was going through a big muddy section with a hill at the end of it. Stupid me, I went to slow, so of course I couldn't make the hill and got totally bogged.

Phuket Atv Tours
Phuket Atv Tours - a few challening sections.

This ATV tour was a huge thrill, we all loved it and I would highly recommend it to anyone, even if you have young children as there is an easier tour for one hour.

The tour can be done in any sort of weather, rain or shine and it’s a great way to explore local villages, illegal worker’s homes and the environment in Phuket and Phang-Nga.

Learn about mangrove forests, the Pitcher plant (monkey condoms) and see how the locals do rubber tapping and transform it into rubber sheets. Make sure you wear old clothes, as you will get very dirty, wear old trainers or sandals.  ATV Phuket also have slip on water shoes that people can wear.

Village on the Phuket Atv Tour
Very professional company - AtvPhuket

The ATV tour is suitable for children, the day we did the tour there were a couple of kids aged about 2 and 4, dad had one child and a guide had the youngest with him.

Phuket Atv Website

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