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Phang Nga Bay Views
Phang Nga Bay Views
Phuket Sail Tours
Phuket Sail Tours

Phuket Sail Tours have one day and overnight sailing tours through some of the most beautiful and uninhabited islands of Phang Nga Bay. 

Nothing could be more relaxing than the tranquility of sailing around these magnificent island's on board the Sakai.  Visiting beautiful islands, swimming and exploring caves are just a few of the experiences you will have with Phuket Sail Tours.


Phuket Sail Tour's avoid overpopulated areas, instead concentrating on more remote peaceful places to give you that extra special experience.

Phuket Sail Tours - Beautiful Scenery
Captain Mark - Phuket Sail Tours
Amazing Phang Nga Bay
Phuket Sail Tours - Real Diamonds

Pickup from our hotel was at 8am and off we went to Ao Po pier for a complimentary light breakfast and briefing on where we are going for the day.

Once we are all on board, within minutes we are heading for Koh Phanak and eating fresh fruit and these yummy sweet little parcels wrapped in banana leaves (I forget what their called).

Soon after that it's time for delicious freshly cooked crispy chicken wings. Of course, the order of events can be different each time depending on tides etc but our experience will give you an idea of what to expect.

First stop is the Pirate Cave which is amazing, it is only accessible at low tide and you can see where people over the years have been digging trying to find the rumoured treasure.  So, with torches in hand we set off through the cave, there are many hollow rock formations made by the water continually coming in and a massive reddish formation at the back of the cave.


The photos do not do any of these places justice.

Longtail Boat Phang Nga Bay
Buying fresh seafood from the fishermen in Phang Nga Bay
Beautiful views in the Hongs
Buying fresh seafood from the fishermen in Phang Nga Bay

Then it was back onto the boat and off to the Mangrove Hong. On go the torches, we can see water running out and the only way in is to walk in that water through the cave. We come through an opening into the Mangrove Hong, obviously, the tide is out as the Hong is empty of water. 


It was fantastic, like we were the only people on earth and had just discovered something magical. We stayed here for ages looking at mudskippers and little crabs, no one wanted to leave.

Next stop I think is my favourite and not because of the name.

It’s the Ice Cream Cave.

We pull up at a beautiful deserted little beach and off to the side of a cliff is a bamboo ladder leading up to a small opening. How exciting, up we all go and then we follow Mark, some places are extremely slippery in here so good grip sandals are needed. We walked through this cave with hundreds of stalactites, stalagmites and lots of sparkly ice-creams (or diamonds).


Once at the back of this cave we come to a small opening, almost like a window, what a sight, we are looking down into a Hong that has no entrance.


Phang Nga Bay Hongs
Phang Nga Bay Hongs
Phuket Sail Tours - Sailing Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay Hongs with Phuket Sail Tours

Now we have worked up an appetite and it’s time to head off to another deserted little beach for lunch and swimming.  Fresh seafood is bought directly from fishermen during the trip.  All the food is served fresh and as much as possible is prepared on board or cooked on the beach for a relaxing picnic.

The food is simple but delicious, Tom Kha Gai soup, green chicken curry, rice, loads of freshly cooked prawns plus the esky came with us so once again drinks were flowing. Water and soft drinks are provided free throughout the day and Leo beer is available on board at very reasonable prices.

Mussaman Chicken Curry & Vegetables
Fresh prawns bought from the fishermen in Phang Nga Bay
Fresh prawns, curries, vegetables on a secluded beach in Phang Nga Bay
Fresh prawns bought from the fishermen in Phang Nga Bay
Phuket Sail Tours - Freshly caught seafood
Delicious fresh food - Phuket Sail Tours

Sailing Phang Nga Bay really is the ultimate day out, you will see and do things not offered on other tours and it’s so much better being in a small group.  It really is a trip not to be missed.

I have lost count of the amount of times we have sailed with Phuket Sail Tours over the years. 

Every trip has been different and fantastic, most definitely one of the highlights of our time in Thailand.


You can only book direct with Phuket Sail Tours, no third party bookings will be accepted. The link below has all the different tours plus prices.

Phuket Sail Tours

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