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Black Banded Trevally with Spicy Mango Salad - Salaloy Seafood - Rawai Beach
Black Banded Trevally with Spicy Mango Salad - Salaloy Seafood - Rawai Beach

Salaloy Seafood on the beach road at Rawai is another favorite of ours. The kitchen is on one side of the road and seating is on the beach side with lovely views. It can also be fun watching the waiters dodge traffic while carrying trays of food.


The menu is extensive and each item has a photo of the meal, prices are very cheap as well. I highly recommend the Trevally with spicy mango salad, it is delicious and the salad went perfectly with the very tasty fish. The deep fried pork is also one of the best we have eaten.

Thai omelette with baby oysters - Salaloy Seafood - Rawai Beach Phuket
Soft Shell Crab - Salaloy Seafood Rawai Beach Phuket
Delicious deep fried pork - Salaloy Seafood Rawai Beach
Thai style fried rice with shrimp paste and sweetened pork - Salaloy Seafood Phuket

Drinks are also very cheap at Salaloy and you can also bring along your own wine and spirits. If you are in the area, then we highly recommend a visit to Salaloy Seafood Restaurant and there is nothing better than sitting outside at Salaloy enjoying a delicious meal and watching the long tail boats come and go.


It is quite a popular place and can be very busy with Thai families at night and on weekends. We eat at Salaloy quite a lot so the slide show below has more photos of our meals etc.

Views of Rawai Beach Phuket
Views of Bon Island from Rawai Beach Phuket
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