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Simon Cabaret - Comedy Act
Simon Cabaret - Fun for all the family
Simon Cabaret - Beautiful Costumes and Sets
Simon Cabaret - Patong Beach

Simon Cabaret is a Lady/Boy miming (lip sync) show and is a lot of fun for all the family. If you have never been to a show like this before, then it's well worth going to. The costumes and sets are excellent and the show is suitable for all age groups, no matter how young or old.

Simon Cabaret - Tina Turner
Simon Cabaret - Patong Beach
Simon Cabaret - Beautiful sets and costumes
Simon Cabaret - Patong Beach

If you would like to get someone stirred up a bit by the performers buy VIP seats, they are not much more expensive and during the comedy routines the performers will involve them or come down and kiss them etc leaving red lipstick all over their face.

Simon Cabaret - VIP Seats
Simon Cabaret - VIP Seats

Now for a little bit of info that might help you when you leave the show. 

The performers will all be waiting lined up outside (on the right side after you exit) waiting for people to have their photos taken with them. Some of them are very greedy and aggressive and they will grab you and try to get whatever they can out of you.


It's easy to avoid, just leave straight away and don't go over to them. If you do want a photo then it is 100baht per ladyboy e.g. if you have 4 of them in your photo it is 400baht.

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