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Wat Khun Chee Buddhist Nun's Monastery Phuket
Wat Khun Chee Buddhist Nun's Monastery Phuket

Wat Khun Chee at the foot of Rang Hill in Phuket Town is a Buddhist Nuns Monastery, Meditation Retreat Centre and a training Monastery for lay women and nuns in the Thervada Buddhist tradition.

It is a beautiful peaceful place which has been used by the nuns since 1924 and offers a peaceful monastic life and facilities for female guests to stay and practice with the resident nuns in a serene monastic atmosphere.

Each evening from 7pm - 9pm the monastery conducts introduction to Buddhist teachings and meditation courses

Wat Khun Chee - Buddhist Nun - Phuket
Wat Khun Chee Phuket
Wat Khun Chee - Buddhist Nuns Monastery
The flowes that are crushed to make tea
Wat Khun Chee Phuket
Wat Khun Chee Phuket - Being Blessed by the nuns

One nun who made a lasting impression on me is in her late eighties and she was such a character, we had many photos taken together and she made us tea from flowers she collects then crushes.


When we were ready to leave, this beautiful old nun went into her room then came out and gave me a plastic hospital medicine bag, it was full of the crushed flowers, she wanted me to have it so I could make tea each day.

Visiting guests are required to follow the daily routines of the resident nuns and join in with all communal meetings and work activities.

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